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Terms of Service

HomeBlis Inc. Service Terms and Policy

Acceptance of terms and policies

By booking a house cleaning service, the customer agrees to have reviewed and understood the below service policies and details below
and is in agreement with HomeBlis on the service policies.

House Cleaning

What is included in a regular house cleaning service?

This service is only for homes that have been regularly cleaned.

  • Dusting: All “accessible” blinds, shelves, pictures and tables will be dusted with a duster.
  • Floors: All exposed floors will be vacuumed and mopped (if applicable).
  • Windows: Accessible blinds and window sills will be dusted with a duster.
  • Bathrooms: Mirrors will be wiped, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs and counters will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Kitchen: Appliances will be wiped down from outside. Microwave will be cleaned inside and out. Stove exterior will be cleaned.
    Counters will be wiped and disinfected. Sink will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Entry area: Entry door will be dusted and wiped.
  • Bed Linens: Will be changed if provided.

Note: If there is heavy dust accumulation, stubborn residue in bathroom, kitchen or floors, HomeBlis will automatically upgrade your service to a deep clean or deny service and apply a cancellation fee.

This service is not applicable for vacant homes that need a move-in or move-out service.

  • Deep cleaning is applicable for homes that have not been cleaned professionally for over 3 months and includes the below additional features over and above the regular cleaning.
  • Dusting: Wet wiping of hard surfaces and wood furniture if applicable. Wet wipe of exposed and accessible blinds, baseboards, doors, baseboards, cabinet fronts, switches, banisters. Accessible fixtures will be dusted.

What is included in a move-in/out cleaning?

  • Move-in/out cleaning is applicable for vacant homes before or after moving in/out. Move-in/out cleaning includes the below additional features over and above the deep cleaning.
  • Appliances: Inside of appliances – refrigerator and oven are cleaned
  • Cabinets: fronts and inside of cabinet are wiped.
  • This service does not include trash removal, stain removal

What is included in the hourly housekeeping?

  • Hourly housekeeping is a service that can be booked by the hour (a minimum of 3 hours). During this service your cleaning technician
    will not perform a full house cleaning but will perform a subset of tasks from the cleaning checklist.
  • Hourly housekeeping/partial housecleaning does not come with a guarantee .Please understand, that we need to follow the complete
    cleaning process in order to provide you with a guarantee.

This service is not applicable for deep cleaning, move-in or move-out cleaning, post-construction or vacant homes

I have a purchased a 2-5 hour house cleaning from a HomeBlis partner like Amazon Home Services, Yelp, Groupon – what does that include?

This service is only for homes that have been regularly cleaned and does not apply towards a deep clean. This is a promotion and does not
guarantee that the whole house will be cleaned. The customer is required to provide a priority list of areas and the cleaning technician will
complete as many areas in order of priority in the time duration purchased.

All promotional cleanings will require A. The voucher code B. Credit card on file for booking

  • Dusting: All “accessible”, shelves, pictures and tables will be dusted with a duster.
  • Floors: All “exposed” floors will be vacuumed and mopped (if applicable).
  • Windows: Accessible window sills will be dusted with a duster.
  • Bathrooms: Mirrors will be wiped, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs and counters will be cleaned and disinfected. (* This service does not include scrubbing*)
  • Kitchen: Appliances will be wiped down from outside. Microwave will be cleaned inside and out. Stove exterior will be cleaned. Counters will
    be wiped and disinfected. Sink will be cleaned and disinfected.
  • Entry area: Entry door will be dusted and wiped.
  • Bed Linens: Will be changed if provided.

If there is heavy dust accumulation, stubborn residue in bathroom, kitchen or floors, HomeBlis will automatically upgrade your service to a
deep clean or deny service and apply a cancellation fee.

This service is not applicable for vacant homes that need a move-in or move-out service or for deep cleaning.

This service does not include pickup or organization, blinds, baseboards, fans or inside of fridge, dishes, oven or laundry service.

Any additional hours will be charged at list price /hour.

Which cleaning service is right for you – regular, deep or move-in-move out?

  • If you are looking for an ongoing service, please request for a regular service. If your house has a heavy dust accumulation and was not cleaned
    professionally in the last 3 months, we will suggest you start with a deep cleaning.
  • If your house has not been professionally cleaned in 3 months, please request for a deep clean.
  • If the team assesses heavy dust accumulation, stubborn residue in bathroom, kitchen or floors, HomeBlis can apply deep cleaning fees.
  • If you are in the process of moving in or moving out, please request for a move-in or move-out service

How to prepare for cleaning service

You can help us and get the most out of your cleaning service by following the steps below:

  • If you will not be home, please provide instructions on access to HomeBlis
  • Please put away any excess items on the floor and counter tops to maximize the exposed surfaces that we can clean.
    This will also provide the cleaning team with a safe clutter free environment and prevent potential injuries at your home/property.
  • If you need the team to change your linen, please place fresh linen on the beds.
  • If there is any item that is broken, lose or fragile, please let us know about it so that the team can be careful around it.
  • Please keep the following items (if applicable) securely locked away: valuables, delicate items, heirlooms, firearms
  • Please provide the cleaning team with a safe clutter free environment.
  • Please provide a comfortable temperature for the team to work
  • HomeBlis team members will not open any shut doors or drawers. Please open the doors to all rooms and closets you would like them to clean/vacuum
  • Move any furniture that you would like the team to clean behind

How to request customization /special requests?

  • Please provide a written note on your online order specifying the special treatment/supplies needed and we will let you know if we can accommodate that.
  • HomeBlis does not take any liability or provide guarantees when using products /supplies provided by the customer.
  • Please understand that any deviations from the standard process or checklist may come with an extra free and without the HomeBlis guarantee.

What will you need me to provide for house cleaning service?

  • We bring our own supplies, however, if you have a specific product that you would like us to use, please provide it and sign off on the
    work order and we will be happy to use it. Please understand that HomeBlis provides guarantees only when it utilizes its own products
    and supplies and is not responsible for any damages caused by the products not provided by the company
  • If you need your floor mopped with a traditional mop and bucket, we do request you to provide that to the team to prevent cross-contamination.

What is not included in a regular house cleaning service?

All tasks “not” mentioned in the regular cleaning check list are “not” included in the service. The below tasks in particular are not included in
regular cleaning service and cannot be provided by HomeBlis.

  1. Floor- Grout cleaning, floor polishing, floor scrubbing, carpet shampoo, carpet stain/odor removal
  2. Bathroom: Stubborn hard water marks, stubborn bathroom stains, mold and mildew under the caulking
  3. Kitchen: Stubborn cooking residue, lining cabinets ovens or stoves, dish washing, fridge or oven interior cleaning
  4. Moving heavy items: Like furniture (other than chairs that can be lifted with one hand) or appliances. You are welcome to move them for the team if you want those areas cleaned
  5. Electronic screens – TV, computer, etc are not touched, the back and top is dusted

The tasks below are not included in the regular cleaning but can be ordered online as an add-on

  • Pickup and organization
  • Window washing/cleaning
  • Fan wipe down
  • Baseboard and chair rail, blind wipe down
  • Dish washing
  • Laundry
  • Dusting ceiling and walls

What is not included in a deep or move-in/out house cleaning service?

  • Trash removal
  • Post construction cleanup (*** HomeBlis does not provide any guarantee if cleaning is requested while other contractors are working on site )
  • Window Cleaning
Lawn Mowing

What is included in the lawn mowing service?

  • Lawn mowing service comprises of mowing, edging, blowing and weed- eating. The grass is mulched during mowing.
  • All concrete areas surrounding the turf are cleaned with a blower.
  • This basic lawn mowing service does not include:
  • Bagging of tall grass – if the grass over 6 inches it will be bagged and a bagging fee will be assessed
  • Blowing of extended driveways, concrete areas
    • Shrub or tree trimming
    • Flower bed or leaf cleanup
    • Trash removal

What additional services can be ordered with lawn mowing?

The following services can be booked as an add-on to lawn mowing service for an additional fee:

  • Shrub trimming
  • Fertilization and weed control
  • Bagging of tall grass
  • Leaf cleanup
  • Flowerbed cleanup

When ordering above services, please provide instructions on where the trimmings and lawn debris may be placed for disposal.

Preparing for the lawn mowing service

  • Please provide property boundaries if not well defined.
  • Please make sure that your backyard is unlocked and pets are not in the backyard.
  • If your backyard is kept locked, please provide HomeBlis with lock combination or an alternate method to access the property.

Weather Policy

  • We do our best to come on the same day each week, but we must work with the weather.
  • Should your area receive rain we will make our best judgment to continue mowing or delay your service depending on the amount and severity of the rain.
    We try to ensure ample time for the ground to dry so our equipment does not damage your yard.
Lawn mowing 1 month promotions
  • Any 1 month lawn mowing promotion is applicable for recurring mowings at specified frequency promotional lawn mowing.
  • Promotional price is applicable for the duration of the promotion and list price will apply after that.
  • HomeBlis will continue the mowing at the specified frequency unless service is cancelled at least 48 hours in advance.

Audit of work performed

  • An auditor or inspector may access your home after the service team has left to inspect the work
  • If you are home, please walk through before your service team leaves and do a thorough inspection of work. The team fill fix any items necessary.
  • Please sign off on the work order (paper/or electronic) presented by team to indicate work was completed in a satisfactory manner.
    Your sign off indicates that you are satisfied with the work completely.
  • The team members reserve the right to take before and after pictures of the job for quality and training purposes.
    These images are stored in HomeBlis Inc.’s field software system and will not be shared with public.

Supervision during the service

  • The technicians perform the job in the most effective and efficient way independently so that you can avoid the stress of taking time off to supervise them
  • If you have special needs, please annotate that in your order and we will work with you on accommodating them.
  • The technician(s) are instructed to perform tasks in a specified order to maximize efficiency and keep the working environment safe and may
    not be able to accommodate requests to change order of tasks.

Service completion after appointment

  • HomeBlis provides very high levels of service with minimal service disruptions and reschedules.
  • You will get an appointment reminder a day before your service
  • In the unforeseen and rare case of disruption you will be notified as soon as possible.
  • Booked service cannot be completed if the technician does not have access to the property. There will be a lockout fee of $25 if the team
    is not able to get access to the property at the

Appointment time.

  • HomeBlis reserves the right to deny service without refund under the following circumstances
  • If minor children are present without an adult in the house
  • If appropriate professional, safe and secure working environment is not provided to the crew, the house or property is in suboptimal condition
    (like but not limited to presence of pests, arms, bio waste etc), unprofessional environment, no electricity or water supply.
  • If pets are not secured

Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we provide a satisfaction guarantee on all regular house cleaning services We do request you to please walk through
before the team leaves to make sure that the job was performed to your satisfaction and sign off the work order Satisfaction guarantees
are not applicable on any housekeeping or hourly cleaning of partial house

Does the 24 hour guarantee apply on all services?

  • The 24 Hour guarantee applies on all full house cleaning services and lawn mowing services.
  • Partial housecleans, housekeeping services or hourly cleaning do not come with a 24 hour guarantee.
  • The 24 hour guarantee will not apply if the house/property in case of unsafe work environment, if the house/property has repairs in progress,
    requires trash removal or is in suboptimal conditions for any other reasons.
  • The 24 hour guarantee also does not apply in case of any policy violation
Customer Responsibility


Please plan on having someone at the property at the time of arrival or provide instructions on access

If you live in a gated community or apartment complex, please provide the gate code If reaching your property requires information over
and above the address, like Complex/Subdivision name or Building number, please provide that

Please have the property accessible and unlocked (if applicable) to avoid lock-out fee of $25

Safety, Security, Efficiency:

  • Please provide the cleaning team with a safe clutter free environment
  • Please keep your pets under restraint when the service is being provided
  • All valuables, heirlooms, firearms need to be stowed away and locked
  • HomeBlis Cleaning staff cannot climb up on ladders over 3 ft tall
  • The staff is required to wear shoes on the job site for safety. HomeBlis reserves the right to deny service if the above safety
    conditions are not met and assess a cancellation fee of $25

Timely Payment

  • All services are prepaid or must provide a valid credit card on file
  • Payment for all service is due before or on the day of service
  • If you have your credit card on file and selected an available billing frequency, your card will be charged and a receipt emailed to you
  • If you have a credit card on file and are setup for invoice payment, HomeBlis reserves the right to charge the card if the payment is not received by the day of service
  • After 30 days of non-payment for a service a late fee of 5% per month will apply.
  • Strict legal action will be taken on accounts overdue for more than 6 months and will result in added expenses for the account holder

What to do if you are not satisfied with the service?

  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service as specified by our checklist, please send an email with the pictures of areas
    you are not satisfies with within 24 hours of service delivery
  • Your detailed email with pictures are required to get the best understanding and help us bring you the quickest resolution
  • You agree to resolve any issue with HomeBlis directly before posting public reviews

Additional tasks:

  • All add-on tasks need to be ordered and paid for in advance.


      Please email HomeBlis at service@homeblis.com 24 hours in advance for cancellation.

    • Any service not cancelled 24 hours in advance will be subject to a cancellation fee of $25
    • Cancellation within 12 hours of service – full service fee

If you are signed up for annual service with equal monthly payments, there will be amount payable or receivable in case of premature termination.


  • A customer may not solicit a HomeBlis employee, contractor, partner providing service on their property to provide any service
    independently or request for phone number or contact information

Service Terms:

  • By accepting this service you agree to the terms of service

Website Terms:

Agreement between user and HomeBlis

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Recurring Service Discount terms

A recurring service discount is applied on any service that is booked at a set schedule – weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service. The discount is applicable only with a minimum of 3 months of service. $50 first clean fee is waived for customers served for 3 months or more. $50 first clean fee will be applied if service is cancelled before 3 months of service.

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