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Window Washing

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HomeBlis can make your home or business brighter and improve its overall appearance. Not only can we:

  • Clean your windows
  • Spot general problems
  • Extend the life of your windows by addressing problems as soon as possible
  • Offer affordable rates
  • Provide unmatched customer service

But no one enjoys looking through dirty windows. Lets face it – it starts to make you feel dirty!

At HomeBlis we use only high quality cleaning products, which insures that we are able to provide our clients with the best window cleaning for each individual window style.

We utilize the latest cleaning technology, plus a few tried and true tricks we have learned along the way. This is what makes us the leading window cleaning company in Dallas and surrounding areas.

The difference in choosing HomeBlis over another window cleaning company simply comes down to how well the job gets done. We have grown with very little advertising, and have relied almost 100% on referrals from happy customers who love our work, which tells you we must be doing something right.

All of our employees are well trained in the latest innovations and most effecting cleaning techniques using only environmentally safe products and are well versed in proper product usage and safety procedures.

We have all aspects of our business in place to ensure success all around. Everything from hiring practices, training, product knowledge, our customer satisfaction policy, and our quality control program ensures meticulous attention to detail to each job site.

Our prices are right. Our goal is to have every customer 100% happy and satisfied while providing affordable rates. We believe a prompt response to all questions, concerns or additional services is important. We guarantee satisfaction and a follow up after each job is completed.

We go to extreme lengths to ensure your property in kept in top shape, including wearing special protective booties over our shoes or removing our footwear while in your home or office. We use drop cloths when necessary and ladder pads and stabilizers to prevent any type of damage to your home or business, garden or plants.

Let HomeBlis enhance the appearance of your home or business today and you will enjoy having clean windows once again. Book your free window cleaning estimate by contacting us TODAY.