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  • What is NOT included in a regular house cleaning service?

What is NOT included in a regular house cleaning service?

• All tasks “not” mentioned in the regular cleaning check list are “not” included in the service. The below tasks in particular are not included in regular cleaning service and cannot be provided by HomeBlis.

a) Floor- Grout cleaning, floor polishing, floor scrubbing, carpet shampoo, carpet stain/odor removal

b) Bathroom: Stubborn hard water marks, stubborn bathroom stains, mold and mildew under the caulking

c) Kitchen: Stubborn cooking residue, lining cabinets ovens or stoves, dish washing, fridge or oven interior cleaning

d) Moving heavy items: Like furniture (other than chairs that can be lifted with one hand) or appliances. You are welcome o move them for the team if you want those areas cleaned

e) Electronic screens – TV, computer, etc are not touched, the back and top is dusted

The tasks below are not included in the regular cleaning but can be ordered online as an add-on

• Pickup and organization

• Window washing/cleaning

• Fan wipe down

• Baseboard and chair rail, blind wipe down

• Dish washing

• Laundry

• Dusting ceiling and walls

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