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What is a 3 or 4 hour promotional house cleaning service?

This service is only for homes that have been regularly cleaned and does not apply towards a deep clean. This is a promotion and does not guarantee that the whole house will be cleaned. The customer is required to provide a priority list of areas and the cleaning technician will complete as many areas in order of priority in the time duration purchased.

All promotional cleanings will require A. The voucher code B. Credit card on file for booking

• Dusting: All “accessible”, shelves, pictures and tables will be dusted with a duster.

• Floors: All “exposed” floors will be vacuumed and mopped (if applicable).

• Windows: Accessible window sills will be dusted with a duster.

• Bathrooms: Mirrors will be wiped, toilets, sinks, showers, tubs and counters will be cleaned and disinfected. (* This service does not include scrubbing*)

• Kitchen: Appliances will be wiped down from outside. Microwave will be cleaned inside and out. Stove exterior will be cleaned. Counters will be wiped and disinfected. Sink will be cleaned and disinfected.

• Entry area: Entry door will be dusted and wiped.

• Bed Linens: Will be changed if provided.

**If there is heavy dust accumulation, stubborn residue in bathroom, kitchen or floors, HomeBlis will automatically upgrade your service to a deep clean or deny service and apply a cancellation fee.

**This service is not applicable for vacant homes that need a move-in or move-out service or for deep cleaning.

**This service does not include pickup or organization, blinds, baseboards, fans or inside of fridge, dishes or laundry service.

**Any additional hours will be charged at list price /hour

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