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Do you provide a satisfaction guarantee?

• The 24 Hour guarantee applies on all FULL house cleaning services and lawn mowing services.

• Partial housecleans, housekeeping services or hourly cleaning do not come with a 24 hour guarantee.

• The 24 hour guarantee will not apply if the house/property in case of unsafe work environment, if the house/property has repairs in progress, requires trash removal or is in suboptimal conditions for any other reasons.

• The 24 hour guarantee also does not apply in case of any policy violation

Satisfaction guarantee is also not applicable if HomeBlis in case of the following:

If booked service cannot be completed if the technician does not have access to the property. There will be a lockout fee of $25 if the team is not able to get access to the property at the appointment time.

• HomeBlis reserves the right to deny service without refund under the following circumstances

• If minor children are present without an adult in the house

• If appropriate professional, safe and secure working environment is not provided to the crew, the house or property is in suboptimal condition (like but not limited to presence of pests, arms, bio waste etc), unprofessional environment, no electricity or water supply.

• If pets are not secured

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